SINCE 2014

thrive-alive-teen-programCommunity Outreach Alliance (COA), a 501 c3 non-profit service established by Californian visionaries Pondo Vleisides and Teri Steel, are serving the youth of San Clemente. They saw a need to foster a positive solution for the young people in the community who were battling the throes of drug use and addiction.

Our goal and mission are to offer fun and healthy activities to our community that has been deeply affected by the drug and addiction epidemic.


We are committed to providing numerous recreational activities for individuals to choose from. We are committed to helping our community become positive and healthy as we provide support and resources to one another. We believe early education and parental awareness are two key elements in curbing the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse

Early 2018 COA Thrive Alive launched the first Seven Week  Education, Prevention, Rescue Course for Teens. With the program so popular there were another 3 series and the new series starts in January 2019.

Make sure you don’t miss it because it is really life-changing.